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Nabeel Asfour Law Firm is renown as one of the largest and leading law firms in the in the North of Israel. Since its establishment by Adv. Nabeel Asfour in 1968, the firm has gained over 50 years of in-depth knowledge and experience and has cultivated an excellent reputation in numerous legal practices.

Adv. Nabeel Asfour, a well-known, appreciated and experienced jurist has been leading the firm for over 25 years. He has maintained a years-long tradition of professionalism, fairness and service at the highest level.

The firm practices in civil and commercial law including real estate and taxation, labor law, corporate law and litigation of all kinds, including appearance before courts. In addition, the firm has extensive practice in criminal law

Over the last few years, Adv. Nabeel’s children, all leading and professional lawyers in their field, joined the firm. This new generation of dedicated attorneys proudly continues the firm’s tradition of excellence, creativity and high-quality legal services


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