Shahd Asfour-Tannous

Adv. Shahd Asfour-Tannous is a knowledgeable lawyer in technology, experienced in internet privacy and digital information law. She offers over a decade of experience in areas targeting the protection of privacy and personal information, biometrics, cyber-crimes, digital safety of credit data and electronic signatures, protection of databases and digital platforms, social networks, mobile applications, secure inter-net and virtual activities.

Adv. Asfour-Tannous holds her first (LL. B) and second (LL.M) law degrees from Tel Aviv University. After an internship in the Criminal Department at the State Attorney Office (Northern District), she joined the Israel Law Information and Technology Au-thority (currently the Data Protection Authority) where she was responsible for ad-ministrative supervision of corporations, data crimes investigations and legal coun-selling for both the private and public sectors.

Adv. Asfour-Tannous was part of the first national investigation team of high-profile personal data breaches. She took part in parliament discussions of privacy and data-bases laws and participated in inter-ministerial committees promoting personal da-ta protection. In addition, Adv. Shahd worked on important national projects such as biometric ID and passports, real estate national databases, citizens’ electronic sig-natures and employee’s biometrics.

Adv. Shahd is known as a thorough, reliable and highly professional attorney. She is also appreciated for her attentiveness, pleasant attitude, patience and high-quality legal service.