Dr. Nahel Asfour

Dr. Nahel Asfour is an outstanding lawyer with over two decades of practice and experience in litigation and business transactions. He has earned expertise in a wide range of areas, such as commercial and civil law, property and real estate law, planning and zoning, labor law, governmental contracts, transport, international trade and international law. Nahel has great experience in managing complex cases in various courts, arbitration and mediation. Nahel also serves as external counsel regularly advising businesses, companies, schools and institutions.

Dr. Nahel Asfour is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (LL.B). He also holds an LL.M degree from Tel-Aviv University and a PhD in law with the highest honours from the University of Vienna.

Dr. Asfour has lectured on private law, property and restitution at the University of Vienna. He also teaches remedies at Tel-Aviv University and IDC Herzliya. In 2019 he joined the law school of Zefat Academic College as a research fellow.

Dr. Nahel has written numerous academic and professional papers as well as encyclopedia entries in Israel and abroad. He conducted various legal researches in Universities and research institutes, notably the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law in Hamburg.

In 2018 he was admitted as a member of the prestigious Institute for European Law, and currently serves as a member of the European Consultative team conducting a joint project with the American Law Institute in the subject of Data Economy. A year earlier, in September 2017, he published his book on Restitution Law by Hart Publishing, Oxford.

Dr. Nahel Asfour is known for his in-depth work, meticulous litigation style and comprehensive legal counselling.
He is valued for his great precision and thorough preparation. He successfully utilises his multi-disciplinary expertise and sharp writing style as rhetorical tools in his litigation practice.